Announcing Oni Conductance

January 12, 2014 by Tim Cuthbertson

We're pleased to announce the release of Conductance, the next generation web application server built around the StratifiedJS language.

We've worked hard to build a fantastic new way to build web applications. Conductance includes all the features you need to create applications with minimal fuss, and to grow them in a structured and reliable way. It's built entirely on StratifiedJS, so it includes the same great language and module system across server and client, and facilitates an ease of development that simply isn't possible in vanilla JavaScript frameworks.

Please check out the dedicated conductance site at, where you can find everything you need - installation instructions, API documentation and a tutorial to help you learn the ropes.

Please also send us your feedback, via the discussion group or email. This is the first release of Conductance, so we'll be looking for feedback to help us decide what needs further development. It's an exciting time, thanks for being part of it!