StratifiedJS 0.16

January 12, 2014 by Tim Cuthbertson

To coincide with the release of Conductance, our next-generation web application server, we've also published StratifiedJS 0.16. This release contains a bunch of new functionality, a sprinking of new syntax, a number of bug fixes as well as changes to existing modules.

You can get it from the usual suspects:

Keen readers will note that we skipped version 0.15. We actually quietly released it a week or so ago, as part of a prerelease version of Conductance. One or two APIs have changed since then, so we've bumped the version number to 0.16.

Starting with this release we've created a file in the source tree, tracking developer-visible changes. This should make it easier to find change information when migrating than referring to blog posts, since it's distributed as part of SJS and will (in the future) contain historic changes, not just those for a single release.

New documentation browser

Rewriting the documentation browser in Conductance gave us a good chance to dogfood writing a much richer documentation browser than the old version. The new documentation browser serves the docs for both conductance and SJS. Aside from supporting multiple libraries, it now features a revamped style and client-side search functionality, which makes jumping to specific symbols lightning-fast.

We've also taken the opportunity to extend the documentation with things that aren't strictly API documentation - see sjs:#language and mho:#features.

The docs under those locations describe syntax, runtime and library features, rather than actual modules. Housing them alongside the rest of the API documentation allows them to be interlinked properly, and having them searchable makes them much more discoverable than their previous home as a web page on

Removal of the `rocket` server

The new Conductance server grew out of what was previously the `rocket` server in SJS, so we've removed the rocket server in SJS-0.16. This means you'll need to use Conductance (freely available from to serve documentation locally.