Flickr Cities Demo

Demonstrates orchestration of yql, wikipedia and flickr queries


Shows how to use the twitter @anywhere API to write a complete twitter client without server-side code.

The Module Browser

Our own Standard Module Library viewer uses Stratified JS behind the scenes.

More examples

Stratified LawnchairShows how to use the stratified lawnchair storage abstraction
Search as you typeShows different ways to build a search as you type textinput (normal loop, eventQueue, the using keyword, how to do handle multiple things at once with sequential code)
Stratified webdatabaseShows how StratifiedJS makes the Webdatabase API easier. (webdatabase is webkit only).
Apollo jQuery Fading boxesShows how to use Apollo with jQuery
Apollo jQuery Box AnimationShows how to use Apollo with jQuery

Fun stuff

DronesA little retro game in StratifiedJS

Github repositories and Gists

Stratified CouchAppHandling CouchDB's HTTP interface without callbacks
StratifiedJS and XMPPA gist on experimenting with XMPP an StrafiedJS.